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How to become anonymous online
The reason you're reading this post is because you want to become anonymous online (Not hacker), you want to not be known on the inner webs....Follow these steps and you can be.

How to be anonymous online:
Depending on how anonymous you want to be......if you want to be anonymous then you must avoid Social Media. (Do not register) (YouTube doesn't count)

Facebook (There are ways to be anonymous on facebook)
ect. ect.

How can you be anonymous on facebook?:
You need to remove your last name from facebook, set your facebook posts to friends only

Make everything on your facebook to "Who can view: Only me"

When posting pictures set the privacy to "Only friends" not friends of friends

What info would you set to only me?
About info:
Contact info:
Friends list:
Stuff in that area

How can I make my IP anonymous?
Buy a good VPN such as: ExpressVPN, NordVPN & IPVanish

What if I want to be online but be nearly 100% anonymous
Easy!.........Delete/Deactivate ALL Social Media, YouTube, Netflix, ect. , Use a VPN when surfing the web, use an Ad blocker such as AdGuard, Install Ghostery Tracking blocker.

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