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How to prevent getting hacked on RuneScape
In this post we're going to be talking about getting hacked on RuneScape and how to prevent it.

Getting hacked on RuneScape is a horrible feeling for most, there is more then one way to get hacked on RuneScape: Phishing sites, keyloggers, ect.

To prevent getting hacked we recommend the following:

  1. When signing up to RuneScape we recommend you use a Gmail. (We'll get to why in a minute) 

  2. We recommend you use a password that has 10 characters or more.

  3. Once signed up, go to the App store/Play Store and download the Google Authenicator, then go to your account settings and set up the Google Authenticator. (JaGex Also recommends it)

  4. To increase your security even more, set up the Google Authenicator on your Gmail as well, that way, if someone else gets your Email password, they won't be able to log in, unless they have you're cellular device.  

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